Customers' Stories

Special thanks to our customers for sharing their remarkable stories,
memorable experiences and rendering invaluable advices in their years of partnership with Tradelink.

  • Peninsula Knitters: Electronic Trade Declaration Submission – Easy and Quick!

    Interviewee: Danny     Company: Peninsula Knitters Limited

    Peninsula Knitters Limited (“Peninsula Knitters”) is one of the largest garment manufacturers with long history in the textiles industry in Hong Kong. As early as the 90s, the company started implementing electronic documentation as a new venture. …

  • Megary Limited: The three tools and one connection

    Interviewee: David Leung    Company: Megary Limited

    While the 70s and 80s were the most prosperous periods for textiles industry, they also marked the turning point for the decline of the industry.  Shipping Director of Megary Limited David Leung, a veteran of over 30 years within the textile industry took part in the computerization process of the industry as well as Megary. …

  • PO SUM ON, where people build success.

    Interviewee: Amy    Company: PO SUM ON Medicine Factory Limited

    On talking of medicated oil, no question we all will go for a brand with history, reputation and a vote of confidence from its users.  PO SUM ON, based in Hong Kong with 106 years of history since its establishment in 1907, has always been people-oriented. …

  • Sun Hing: Its battle with the Trade Department

    Interviewee: Kennis    Company: SUN HING KNITTING FTY. LTD

    Established more than 30 years ago, SUN HING KNITTING FTY LTD has a long history in the market.  The company has gone through some revolutionary changes of the industry and itself has successfully moved forward to operation modernization and standardization. …

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