Commitment to social responsibility

Tradelink was established to promote the widespread use of e-Commerce for trade facilitation in Hong Kong. The exclusive franchise granted by the Government has enabled Tradelink to gain first-mover advantages in providing high-quality services for the community including the SMEs in Hong Kong. Tradelink is committed to serving the trading community regardless of their sizes as its undertaking to the society.

Serving the community

With 25 years' long history in the e-Commerce market, Tradelink has gained thorough understanding of the needs of its customers, especially the SMEs, through close relationship built with them. With its high quality and reliable services offering to its customers, Tradelink has gained the confidence, trust and support from them. A lot of Tradelink’ loyal customers have been using its services for more than a decade.

Tradelink integrates social responsibilities into every aspect of its business. Its commitment to integrity, responsibility and innovation enable it to strive for service excellency and stand out as a reliable and trustworthy business partner for its customers.

Seeking changes while maintaining stability

As a pioneer with first-mover advantages in the e-Commerce field, Tradelink has firmly consolidated its market leader position with dominant share in the GETS market. Against this stable and solid backdrop, Tradelink, nevertheless, acknowledges that performance of its core business in GETS tied closely to Hong Kong’s external trade. To improve its resilience to the vagaries of the global economy, since some years ago, Tradelink has started to build a “firewall” through diversification of its business in areas which are totally divorced from the trade sector. In recent years, some first fruits of its effort at diversification have emerged and as a result, its reliance on GETS as its main source of revenue has been diminishing. While maintaining the stability of revenue from its GETS core business, Tradelink’s overall business performance will be able to achieve phenomenal growth. Coupled with stringent cost control measures, Tradelink’s profit is expected to grow tremendously.

Leverage on domain knowledge in achieving market dominance

To stand firm on its market dominant position, Tradelink understands that it should not rely only on its technological advantages which would not be difficult to be overtaken given the fast-paced IT development. Instead, and most importantly, it has to make full use of its rich domain knowledge in e-Commerce gained over the last quarter of century. Leverage on its technological skill, innovation and sound domain knowledge, Tradelink continues to expand its business to high value-adding applications and in other businesses which are more resilience to global economic changes.

Moving Forward to a Sustainable Future

Tradelink allocates its resources based on its strategic priorities rather than short-term returns. Guided by this strategic direction to sustain its business growth, Tradelink engages in long-term infrastructure projects aiming at a vast customer base. In doing so, the costs could be widely spread out and shared by a large user community enabling them to enjoy cost-effective and affordable solutions.

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